Who is TUD?

TUD is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique 3D characters powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

By purchasing TUD NFT, you become a co-owner of Metaverse with many gaming and financial mechanics, where project income will be distributed among all NFT owners.

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    Preparing for a project, main foundation

    Collection and analysis of technical requirements, creation of a functional prototype, formation of a team of WEB 3.0 industry leaders.

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    Development of a personal account and interface solutions for intuitive interaction with the game.

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    Launching our collection on Ethereum Blockchain

    Our collection of 10 000 unique characters is divided into four equal parts: I Drop - $149, II Drop - $199, III Drop - $249, IV Drop - $299.

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    Development of project tokenomics, automation of mutual settlements between all participants of the game process.

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    Game series development

    Creation of interactive prototypes in accordance with the concept and documentation, active testing within the team.

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    Active marketing campaign

    We want as many people as possible to know about TUD, so a massive marketing campaign on all major social networks is an important milestone for us.

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    Testing the beta version of the game

    The first test launch of a P2E game and collecting feedback together with partners and the largest TUD holders.

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    Full-scale launch platform with Metaverse games

    The product is ready for public announcement and a lot of attention from the gaming community.

this is just the beginning...

Questions & Answers

How do I buy TUD NFT?

Create an account on the Opensea
Find the collection with official links
Choose your favorite token and buy it
The token is available in your Opensea account
When is the official launch?
  • The official launch date will be announced on our social networks, subscribe so as not to miss it.
When will be the price?
  • The collection will be divided into four equal parts: 1st drop — $149, 2nd drop — $199, 3rd drop — $249 and 4th drop — $299.
    The collection will be divided into four equal parts: 1st drop — $149, 2nd drop — $199, 3rd drop — $249 and 4th drop — $299.
Where I will be able to see my NFTs?
  • Purchased tokens will be available in your Opensea account.
  • We have been preparing the concept of the project for a year, gathering a team of the best specialists and like-minded people, looking after all successful and unsuccessful cases. NFT is no longer just a hype, more and more people understand that the future belongs to decentralized blockchain projects.